Why You Need Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are an investment. Many homeowners are on the fence about investing in rain gutters. We feel that they are well worth the investment for five main reasons.

Rain gutters are an investment

  1. Keeps you dry – The most obvious benefit of rain gutters is that they keep you dry as you enter and exit your home. Rain gutters are designed to collect all the water from your roof and divert it to an area where it can safely and conveniently run off.
  2. Landscaping – Without rain gutters, the water flowing off of your roof will damage your grass, landscaping and dirt around your home.
  3. Basement flooding – Without rain gutters, water can pool around your home. This water can seep into your basement, which can cause water and humidity issues. Having rain gutters will prevent this issue from occurring because the gutters will lead water away from your home using a downspout.
  4. Cleaner exterior – When rain falls off of your roof and hits the ground, it will splash mud up against your home. Over time your home will look dirty. The falling water can also chip paint off of your home. This won’t be an issue when you install new rain gutters.
  5. Mold – Mold can become an issue if your home is exposed to too much moisture. It is important to prevent excess water exposure as mold is difficult to get rid of and can be damaging to your health. Rain gutters will help to prevent too much water exposure and subsequent mold from growing.

Here at Premier Remodeling, we know that rain gutters will help to prevent damage to your home, as well as make it a more comfortable living experience. We know that rain gutters are well worth the investment.