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We have heard stories of first-time homeowners moving into a new-construction home and being told by the builder, “We don’t include rain gutters with the build. You can pay us extra to install them, but you really don’t need them.” While some may say that this is a matter of opinion, we have seen so many customers call us to request a rain gutter estimate that we think we can safely say that you do actually need them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why rain gutters are so necessary:

  • Rain gutters prevent flooding in the basement. Without rain gutters, there is nothing to keep rainwater from pooling at your foundation and seeping in through the basement windows. Properly installed rain gutters (with downspouts extended the correct distance away from the house) will make sure that rainwater rejoins groundwater, as it is supposed to, instead of wreaking havoc in your basement.

Think You Don't Need Rain Gutters? Think Again

  • Rain gutters protect your siding. Sometimes rainwater can seep down behind the siding of your home, especially if you have vinyl or wood siding. When this happens, the wood behind your siding can become warped, moldy, or even begin rotting away. Your siding may suffer cosmetic damage as well, such as staining and buckling.
  • Rain gutters prevent erosion. Landscaping on a home is a difficult job. Many hours were spent grading the land around your home to ensure the slope goes away from your house in all directions. Rainwater left to drip off all edges of your rooftop will pound the ground immediately surrounding your home, causing the soil to erode and ruining that slope. This can lead to flooding and water damage.
  • Rain gutters protect your flower beds. As a homeowner, you are well aware of how much work goes into keeping your flower beds looking nice each year. Whether you plant perennials or annuals, each flower requires care to thrive. Protect your hard work by directing water flow away from the flower beds with rain gutters.