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Turn to our team to take the stress out of remodeling.

Remodeling in Columbus, OhioRemodeling in Columbus – Have you ever looked around your home and wondered where all your space went? You had everything so neat and organized when you moved in, but now can’t find room for your most basic things. Over time, the way you fit into your space will change as you accumulate new stuff or add new members to your household. The feeling of outgrowing your home is something that most people will experience in their lifetimes–however, if you reach this point, don’t assume that you have to move to a new home in order to find the space that you need. Instead, you can turn to our team at Premier Remodeling to help you transform your existing space.

At Premier Remodeling, we specialize in helping you get the most out of your home. Our team will work with you to identify your needs for your space and draft a remodeling plan that will both deliver the functionality you need and will look and feel great to live in. We are highly experienced at adapting existing spaces to the needs of growing families, changing careers, or shifting accessibility needs (to name just a few), and we will make sure that our remodeling efforts deliver the results you’re looking for.


When Remodeling Beats Moving

One of the questions we sometimes get asked here at Premier Remodeling is whether it is more feasible to tackle a remodeling project or just sell and buy a different home. With the price of homes rising in the Columbus, Ohio area, it could be that you’ll pay significantly more for a new home than you did for your current one if you bought it several years ago. While it is true that also means your home may have appreciated, if it is outdated and in need of remodeling, you might not get as much for it as you’d hope.

Another reason why remodeling beats moving is the costs involved with selling a home and buying another one. You’ll have to deal with a real estate commission and other closing costs, plus costs related to moving your belongings to the new home. These can add up to several thousand dollars, which you could put into remodeling your home instead.

Unless you are one of the few people who enjoy the work and effort that goes into moving, we believe you will almost always find remodeling to be a better option. You’ll be adding value to your home and increasing your enjoyment of it. In addition, you can continue to enjoy a neighborhood you love and know where all your favorite stores and entertainment places are located. Moving could possibly entail longer commutes, a change of school for your children, and changing home maintenance companies if you are no longer in an area they cover. If you are trying to decide between remodeling and moving, feel free to contact us to get a quote for remodeling, so you can have a complete picture of the financial aspect of your decision.

Why should I remodel my Kitchen?

"Highly recommend them.”



"Jeff is an outstanding contractor. Always professional and receptive to my needs and wants. Jason demoed and installed my kitchen with an eye to detail that put my anxiety at ease. I will be using them for my bathroom shower project as well and highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a professional business that also provides genuine care and concern, contact Jeff immediately!!"

★★★★★ -Marcy G., 5-Star Google Review

Ready to re-imagine your space? Contact us for all your contracting and remodeling needs!


Services We Offer

Bathroom Remodeling

Create the bathroom oasis you’ve always dreamed of with our exceptional bathroom remodeling services.

Kitchen Remodeling

Bring your kitchen up to date by letting our kitchen remodeling team take over.


Enhance the value, aesthetics, and functionality of your home with beautiful new flooring.

Ready to re-imagine your space? Contact us for all your contracting and remodeling needs!


Remodeling can help you achieve your dream home.

We at Premier Remodeling are proud to serve the Columbus, Ohio community, and we want to help you make your home the best it can be. If you are considering remodeling your home, give our team a call to find out more about what our services can do for you.

Remodeling FAQs

When going into the remodeling process, many people are worried that they will end up with a torn-up house with no end of problems in sight. Here at Premier Remodeling, we want to give you confidence and peace of mind that our professionals will not let that happen! Remodeling work gives you the flexibility and updates you need to continue to enjoy your home or put it on the market at a competitive price. Whether you want to sell or stay, remodeling can help you make the most of your home. Our team works with many different homeowners, and we wanted to take a moment to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

Is it better to remodel or relocate?
If you love the area you are in, the neighborhood and the schools, then we recommend remodeling. Never underestimate the importance of a good location!
Which room should I remodel first?
The answer to this question depends on where you plan on living in the future. If you know you will move in the near future, remodeling outdated kitchens and bathrooms is going to help make your home more marketable. If you are staying in your home, then it is simply a matter of personal preference.
Do you offer free quotes?
Yes! We are happy to provide you with a free quote on any of our remodeling services.
Can you help with exterior remodeling?
Yes. We complete both interior and exterior remodeling work.
If you have additional questions about remodeling your home, please contact us today.

At Premier Remodeling, we offer remodeling services in Columbus, Dublin, Grove City, Westerville, Worthington, Hilliard, New Albany, and Delaware, Ohio.

Why Choose Premier Remodeling?

At Premier Remodeling, we possess all the important qualities you’re looking for in the remodeling company you hire. We pride ourselves on our unique design-build construction process, which allows us to oversee and remain involved in your remodeling project from concept to completion.

See what some of our clients are saying about our remodeling services.

Debbie WittkopDebbie Wittkop ★★★★★ What a great experience we had with this business. Mike Yirga (Premier Remodeling) and his team were so professional and talented and so great to work with. Took our "run of the mill condo kitchen/dining" beyond what we ever thought was possible.Ginny OGinny O ★★★★★ I am very grateful for Premier Remodeling. I needed demolition work in my basement, removing old drywall that previous owners installed prior to the basement being waterproofed, as well as removing difficult floor tile. I also needed assurance that electrical and plumbing wouldn't be damaged in the process. Jeff's crew completed the job in a very timely fashion, and in addition cleaned up old electrical wires installed by previous owners that weren't being used. Very professional and the total cost was exactly what the estimate said.Deborah BrewerDeborah Brewer ★★★★★ Jeff and his team did an amazing job on a complete remodel of our kitchen. We are extremely critical of quality and finish. We could not find anything that was not perfectly done. Our remodel included some very complicated weaving and patching of hardwood floors. Absolutely amazed that these came out perfectly. Cleaned up every afternoon after work. Job site safe. If you are thinking of any type of remodel you can contact us. Can you believe a job completed ahead of time and under budget!?!? We have already scheduled him for another project at the house.Rose HandonRose Handon ★★★★★ I serve as the Power of Attorney for my mother, who lives currently in a senior care setting. In 2022, I selected Premier Remodeling Company to assist in renovating my mother's former property, which was an all brick (3) level home. This company helped in bringing the home up to date in all areas. We were able to secure a bid on the home within a few days at our full asking price. It is now sold. In addition, I saw the company "grow" in it's overall capacity. It's a great company to partner with for your overall treatment needs.Melissa GarrisonMelissa Garrison ★★★★★ Jeff and his crew took our dark and out of date kitchen and 1st floor and transformed it into a dream kitchen! It's so much easier to cook and so welcoming with the addition of lighting, an island , and a new cabinet layout. The new LVP flooring throughout the 1st floor opens the house up a lot. Even with some engineering to do with our walls the project was still finished on time. Highly recommend Jeff , his project managers and their crew.Marcy GingerichMarcy Gingerich ★★★★★ Jeff is an outstanding contractor. Always professional and receptive to my needs and wants. Jason demoed and installed my kitchen with an eye to detail that put my anxiety at ease. Not that I still didn’t constantly ask questions. Lol. I will be using them for my bathroom shower project as well, and highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a professional business that also provides genuine care and concern, contact Jeff immediately!!Nick VaccariNick Vaccari ★★★★★ Jeff and his crew were very professional and easy to work with. I will be using them again for additional work.Corey SchwartzCorey Schwartz ★★★★★ Job was done in a timely manner and very professionally.shane burrisshane burris ★★★★☆ I had contacted Premier Remodeling thru a simple google search of local contractors in Grove City. I was in the market to have my basement finished & many of the large contractors that specialize in basement remodels were booked out for many months. Based upon the positive google reviews, I decided to give Premier Remodeling a shot. Jeff Peters stopped by for the initial assessment of the 1,700 sq ft that I was looking to finish. After Jeff's initial assessment, a second meeting was scheduled with one of Jeff's business partners, Gary Stimmel. Gary was very helpful with the initial layout of the basement & design ideas regarding cabinetry & counter top selection, but was completely uninvolved in the project otherwise. First & foremost, I am very happy with the final product that I received. The Lead Contractor, Greg Kusa, provides phenomenal quality of work & communication & by far the most valuable member of Premier Remodeling. The workers assisting Greg were great as well. The initial timeline provided of 6-8 weeks for the project was a bit unrealistic, but we were also navigating unchartered water with material delays related to covid & sub-contractor delays, so I provided the benefit of the doubt. The project ended up taking closer to 16 weeks. Again, overall, I am very happy with the finished product. The main issue I have had with Premier Remodeling, is service after the sale. There were a couple of punch out items that were reviewed with Jeff Peters as we did our final walk thru of the basement & final payment was made, but there was no follow up with regards to these punch out items at all. At the time final payment was made for the basement, I also spoke with Jeff regarding finishing a half bath & possibly adding stone to our fireplace. Jeff took some measurements & I was told that he would send me a quote for the half bath, along with a couple design ideas, but I never heard back from Jeff & texts were not responded to. This was a little disheartening as I had hoped to have found a "contractor for life" that I could contact for future projects needing completed. I got the feeling that since the largest project that I could possibly need completed at my home had already been completed by Premier, that there was no incentive to following up with me regarding any smaller jobs. I also made Jeff & Gary aware that I have a large master bedroom & bathroom that I will eventually be remodeling, but it appears that I will be back on the search for a contractor that values customer relationships. I have heard that there are additional partners of Premier Remodeling & that some fault may fall on their shoulders as well for service after the sale, so I hope this review makes it's way to their eyes as well.Bob SantaBob Santa ★★★★★ Jeff and his team remodeled our entire main level and did an amazing job! They delivered the project on time and on budget. They completed this major remodel within three weeks! Everyone that has come into our house following the remodel has loved the transformation.Rich ViertelRich Viertel ★★★★★ The team did a fantastic kitchen remodel job working with an older home and its "issues". The team took the time to ensure new kitchen cupboards were installed properly, levelled and looked right. I appreciate the insight offered for added value for undercabinet lighting especially wire routing and adding switching in the best place. The team knows their business and do it right. Thank you!Jeremy MickJeremy Mick ★★★★★ Jeff and his crew did a great job with our kitchen and half bathroom remodel. We are very happy with our new tile backsplash and under-mount cabinet lighting. I look forward to using them again for any future remodeling projects.Aaron HutchisonAaron Hutchison ★★★★★ We worked with Premier to have our kitchen cabinets remodeled. Their team did an outstanding job on the install and took their time, cleaned up each day, and their customer service which was greatly appreciated. From the time of delivery to install was only a few days. On site they made a few small recommendations on how to position the moldings and hardware, which made a big difference in the outcome of the project. Another small detail that goes a long way in our project was how the cabinets were hung. Their team was able to position them in a way where the screws were not visible inside the cabinets. Small details that go a long way for sure!Highly recommend anyone looking for a refresh of cabinets in any space of the home to check these guys out, we were extremely happy with the price, service, and quality all the way around.Chrissy BossettiChrissy Bossetti ★★★★★ Thank you for all the work in my home. From basic vanity cabinet swap, updated my kitchen backsplash, and finished my basement! All the guys are/did great: Greg, Dave, and Mike! Recommend them to all friends and family.Margaret ShirkMargaret Shirk ★★★★★ My husband and I are so pleased with our kitchen backsplash. Absolutely gorgeous! All of the staff that worked on the project were very knowledgeable and projected their expertise from Steve(plumbing), Jim (Backsplash) and Greg( electrical). The owner, Jeff coordinated the project and was responsive on a timely basis.dennis lombardidennis lombardi ★★★★★ We are so thankful that we chose Premier Remodeling to build our new kitchen. After interviewing a number of possible contractors, we were impressed by Jeff (the owner) and his knowledge, insights and suggestions regarding the project. We were also impressed by the fact that he is a second generation cabinet maker, and when we saw photos of the wooden boat he and his father built, we were convinced he could handle any unique problems that came up in the kitchen project. Greg, was the person who was on site every day and personally did much of the work. He was beyond amazing. His careful attention to detail (from removing a wall to making sure each outlet was correctly aligned) was like he was doing the project in his own home. Greg made sure everything was as it should be, even if it meant more work for him. At the end of each day, he would make sure everything was cleaned up and put away to minimize any inconvenience on our part. He was also a pleasure to have around. In fact, when the project was over, we felt a tinge of bittersweet as he would not be around the house anymore. Our project was somewhat unique as one wall of cabinets made a 45 degree turn. While 90 degree turns (any corner) are easy as there are cabinets made for that purpose, a 45 degree turn requires considerable adjustments and craftsmanship. Jeff and Greg were totally up to the challenge. Jeff even customized the drawers as necessary to give us the maximum storage space possible. Throughout the entire project we never had a problem or issue with Jeff or Greg, even when we made a last second change or two, they were most agreeable to comply with our wishes. We TOTALLY recommend without any reservations or hesitations. Great quality work, reasonable pricing, excellent quality people who earn (and keep) your admiration and respect.Jim CassidyJim Cassidy ★★★★★ Great job on my kitchen tear out and install.wendy youngwendy young ★★★★★ We had an electrical problem. They came the same day, located the issue, got the parts, & fixed it in less then two hours. Very reasonable pricing. I highly recommend this company!Ryan AdkinsRyan Adkins ★★★★★ Very good customer service, gave a completion date with fair pricing and stuck to it. Over all great experienceJake HarperJake Harper ★★★★★ Jeff did an awesome job getting my kitchen completed out on time and on budget.Great communication during the entire process.Very pleased with the end result.Colleen FeeneyColleen Feeney ★★★★★ Amazing service done for my family by this business. The tile flooring they installed is immaculate work. Thank you Premier!Michael SmigelMichael Smigel ★★★★★ Great customer service and offered a lot of great tips that really made the remodel come together. They can fill all of your needs and more!Emily LoudinEmily Loudin ★★★★★ I can’t thank this business enough for what they were able to do with our living room flooring! The material they installed looked great and now makes our house a place we’re proud to entertain at!js_loader

Ready to re-imagine your space? Contact us for all your contracting and remodeling needs!


Know When It’s Time to Start Thinking about Remodeling

Know When It's Time to Start Thinking about Remodeling

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