Lanai, Columbus, OH

Make your home indoor/outdoor friendly with a lanai.

There are so many ways to start incorporating more of the outdoors into your indoor lifestyle. Unlike other areas of the country, however, the area of Columbus, Ohio needs to be a little more careful when it comes to how we are able to combine our indoor and outdoor areas! Due to some of the more extreme weather that we experience in the Columbus area, not to mention the chillier winters that we have, rather than working with some lovely furniture and landscaping, we need to be more discerning when we develop our indoor/outdoor living spaces. If you love the outdoors but want to be able to love them comfortably during the colder seasons, then our team here at Premier Remodeling would like to discuss the possibility of a lanai with you.

Lanai in Columbus, Ohio

A lanai is simply another word for a covered patio. When you opt for a lanai in your Ohio home, you can add many different features that will allow you to personalize your space how you would like it. For example, you can add retractable panels, doorways, openings in the windows, and other features that will make your lanai more or less accessible to the outside.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy your patio even when the weather isn’t ideal, want to spend more time outside without worrying about a sudden rainstorm, or just want a beautiful feature for your home, come to us here at Premier Remodeling to learn more about lanais.

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