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You entrust your roofing with the essential task of guarding your home from the elements. Below are four tips to keep in mind so that you can keep your roof in good working condition for as long as possible.

Four Keys to Well-Maintained Roofing

  1. Tend to your yard: Excess debris and foliage surrounding your home can present a risk to your roofing in the case of bad weather. Stormy or windy days can cause overhanging branches to break, fall, and inflict damage on the exterior of your home. Maintain one of your property’s most important protective shields by clearing debris from around your yard and trimming branches above your home.
  2. Be on the lookout: Though it’s recommended that your roofing receives professional maintenance annually, it’s a good idea to watch for signs of aging or damage throughout the year. By looking for broken or absent shingles, signs of leaking, or buildup of moss, you can tackle these issues before they require a larger and more costly fix. Flashing, or the thin metal material lining the vents, valleys, and skylights of your roofing, should also be monitored, as this feature carries out the important job of preventing the collection of water. Keep an eye out for detached or missing flashing and instances of pooling water. An inspection of your roofing is especially advised following an extreme weather event, as rain, wind, and even the sun’s UV rays can cause your roofing to deteriorate.
  3. Keep gutters clean: Your roofing and gutters work hand in hand to shield your home from debris and excess water. Having your gutters cleaned twice a year, in the spring and fall, is a good idea in order to safeguard your home’s roofing, exterior, and foundation.
  4. Schedule professional inspection, maintenance, and repair: Having your roofing inspected yearly and, if needed, scheduling appropriate maintenance and repair will extend its lifetime and help you avoid premature replacement.