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It is remodeling time and you can’t decide if you want carpet or tile flooring. We understand how this can be a very difficult decision to make. There are pros and cons to both flooring types. We are here to help make this decision easier. Below are some of the highlights of carpet and tile flooring.

Tile isn’t as soft or warm as carpet

  • Tile – Tile is extremely durable. It is very difficult to scratch tile, but with enough force tile can be cracked. Tile is fantastic for allergies because it can be easily cleaned. Tile isn’t as soft or warm as carpet. One way to help with this is to install heated floors. Tile floors can last a lifetime or more and are waterproof.
  • Carpet – Carpet isn’t as durable as tile as it can rip, tear and stain. It can also hold in allergens. The one huge benefit of carpet is the soft, lush and warm feel it gives a room. There’s nothing like taking off your shoes and walking across an amazingly soft carpeted room. Carpet also helps to cut down on the noise of people walking and the echo of life’s noises. Carpet is not waterproof and therefore isn’t recommended for bathrooms, mudrooms or kitchens.

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