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Choosing the flooring for your home can be difficult. One fantastic option that many homeowners choose to put throughout their home or in specific areas is carpet. Carpet flooring is highly enjoyed by so many due to the many benefits like its softer and cozier look and feel, as well as sound dampening. Not all carpet is made the same, however. It is important to know what to look for in good-quality carpet.

Things to Consider When Choosing Carpet

Here are some things to consider when choosing your carpet:

  • Backing – The backing is just as important to consider as the visible side of the carpet. The backing offers antimicrobial benefits, provides protection from moisture, and offers added cushion. Not all carpet options have quality backings.
  • Fiber – Your choice in carpet fibers will determine how well your carpet holds up to stains and traffic wear. Your options for fibers are polyester, wool, olefin, and nylon.
  • Construction of Fibers – How the fibers are constructed is important to consider when purchasing your carpet. Some fiber constructions to consider are textured plush cut, which helps to hide footprints; loop pile, which is great for high-traffic areas; or cut and loop, which offers a multicolored look.
  • Color & Look – There are many different color and pattern choices to consider. The look and feel of a room will likely dictate what color choice you decide to use.

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