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Getting a new paint job on your home is never a bad idea. New paint can transform your home while also sprucing it up and making it feel brand new. If you’re on the fence about painting your home and whether your home needs it, here are the top reasons your home could use a paint job.

Reasons Your Home Needs Painting

  • Paint is Cracking or Peeling – One of the most common signs of a needed paint job is peeling or cracking of the paint. If you start to notice the paint on the exterior of you home starting to peel up, it’s time for a fresh coat. When paint starts to chip away, the underlying materials are being stripped away as well.
  • Paint is Fading – If you live in a sunny area, you know how fast the sun can fade fabrics and even paints. Over the years your home’s paint will fade, and before you know it your home is a different color than you started with. If your paint is starting to fade it may be time to spruce things up and add a coat of paint.
  • Design – Is your home’s paint a color that you’ve never been a fan of? Or maybe you want your home to reflect your style and aesthetic? If so, a new paint job can quickly update the feel of your home and make it look new.
  • Selling Your Home – If you want to sell your home and want to increase the value, consider painting your home. If your home happens to be a funky color that’s not very traditional or attractive, it might be a tough sell. If you paint your home to something neutral, it will appeal to the eyes of most people.

We hope these reasons have inspired you to consider painting your home. If you have any questions regarding painting, and other services we provide, please contact us at Premier Remodeling today.