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Kitchen backsplashes are often an underappreciated design choice, yet they serve an essential role in modern kitchens. They spruce up the open wall spaces between your countertop and cabinets or sink and window, giving your kitchen a seamless appeal. Furthermore, choosing a kitchen backsplash is often an expression of your personality.

Our Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

That said, it’s essential that your choice does not reflect poorly on your style and taste. These design pointers might be worth considering when choosing a kitchen backsplash that complements your style:

  • Mix, not match. Too much matching can give your kitchen backsplash a flat appearance. Instead, try to add complementary colors and patterns to your design. This will ensure you get a unique and stunning design.
  • What’s your focal point? Most kitchens have two main focal points. One is above the sink, and the other is the wall space above the range. Since these areas get the most visual attention, you should choose a more elaborate kitchen backsplash design to maximize their appeal.
  • Which material works for you? There are numerous material options for your kitchen backsplash, from glass to natural stone. Before choosing a preferred material, you have to make a few considerations, such as affordability, level of maintenance, and style. If you’re going for a more contemporary style, you might want to go easy on the tile.

Not only is the perfect kitchen backsplash a valuable personality piece, but it will also reenergize your kitchen space. At Premier Remodeling, we are committed to making your kitchen remodeling dreams a reality. Book a consultation with us today and experience our expert kitchen backsplash design and installation services.