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take your four-legged friend into account when choosing your flooring
While there are many enjoyable aspects of being a pet parent, the toll that a pet can take on your home isn’t always one of them. Whether you are thinking about a remodel or a new build, take your four-legged friend into account when choosing your flooring. Some ideal flooring choices for pet parents include:

  • Tile- Tile is the ultimate in pet-damage resistance. It can withstand scratches of long claws and pet accidents, is easy to clean, and won’t hold on to pet hair or dander like carpet. However, choose tile carefully since, some types of tile will make it hard for your pet to gain traction and walk on, especially those elderly pets.
  • Vinyl- Vinyl has come a long way in the last few years. Today’s vinyl is incredibly tough, durable, and easy to clean. Additionally, it feels warmer underfoot and is impermeable to water. This flooring choice is durable as well as affordable.
  • Hardwoods- Hardwoods are a good choice, provided you get the right type of hardwood. Your standard oak hardwood flooring might not be able to withstand the scratches of claws and paws. Maple is a very tough material that can withstand almost anything, but it can also be expensive. Avoid hardwoods in a dark stain, since it will show every hair and paw print.

If you have a pet or are thinking of getting one, take their needs into account as well as your own! Make living with your pet enjoyable instead of stressful by creating a home they can play in without worry of destruction. If you need help choosing flooring for your home, let us help at Premier Remodeling.