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When it comes to researching new movies or restaurants, many of us will head straight to the internet. Online ratings are what many of us look to in order to determine everything from where we want to shop to our dining choices. However, when it comes to services like general contractors, we want to have a little more discernment in our choices. General contractors can do almost everything from major renovations to minor changes, so finding the right one is essential to get the results you want. When looking for a general contractor, be sure to complete the following steps.

General contractors can do almost everything from major renovations to minor changes

1.   First, you’ll want to look for recommendations from actual people in your area.  Whether you ask co-workers, friends or neighbors, be sure to gather as many names as you can. After you have a few sources to look into, make some calls or research their reviews online.

2.   Next, call and ask about their insurance policies, what percentage of the jobs they complete on time, and if they will give you a list of former clients you could talk to. These questions can help you determine if they are someone you want to continue working with.

3.   Finally, meet with a few general contractors in person. Tell them what you want to do and ask for a detailed quote about expenses and time frames. Communication is important with a general contractor, so make sure you feel comfortable expressing your wants and needs with your general contractor before hiring.

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