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Turn on any home improvement show, and you’ll find yourself wowed by amazing transformations and delightful visuals of people working on their home. It looks so simple– surely you could do it, too, right?

Home Improvement Projects You Should Definitely Not Do Yourself

Not so fast! Before you start swinging that sledgehammer, make sure you have an accurate view of your skills! Unless you have worked as a contractor and have firsthand knowledge, these are some home improvement projects that you should not take on as a DIY project.

  • Paving- Cement and other paving materials can be rather fickle. You have to get the mixtures just right and have the area prepped and ready, or you risk poor, unstable results. This home improvement job is one you should always watch a professional complete from the sidelines.
  • Roofing, Siding, & Gutters- Basically anything that involves great heights needs to be avoided by the average homeowner. Professionals know how to keep themselves safe and are comfortable working on ladders and steep slopes. You can be seriously injured attempting these home improvements on your own!
  • Home Additions & Home Design- Even if you have a great eye for design, that doesn’t mean you should take on home additions or home designs. Home additions and home design involve so much more than choosing how to use the space. They also involve knowledge of state and city codes, electrical, plumbing, rooflines, foundations, etc.
  • Painting- Painting is a skill that many homeowners can tackle, but should you? Painting costs you more in your time than is often worth it. Furthermore, you might be unhappy with your less-than-professional results.

Home Improvement Projects You Should Definitely Not Do Yourself

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