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Basements are an often ignored and underutilized part of our homes, yet they have much to offer. A reimagined basement can give you an extra bedroom, laundry room, or even recreational space. The best way to turn it from a dark, damp area into a proper living space is through basement remodeling.

Add Living Space to Your Home with Basement Remodeling

Of course, not every basement can be converted into an extra living space. Factors such as ceiling height may come into play. Nevertheless, you should always consult a reputable general contractor like us for all your basement remodeling needs. We’ll be able to transform it by following various steps such as:

  • Measuring your basement. Knowing the amount of space available in your basement is important before any remodeling work can begin. If the ceiling height is below 7 feet, it might not be worth renovating.
  • Inspecting the current construction quality. We’ll also check your plumbing and wiring to see if it’s in good shape. If it’s not there, we’ll install it for you during the basement remodeling process.
  • Adding insulation and moisture protection. Insulation will help protect and noise-proof your basement, besides adding warmth on cold winter days. Additionally, moisture protection keeps water from entering your basement via the walls. This will help avoid dampness and high humidity in your basement’s atmosphere.
  • Installing proper egress windows and ventilation. Egress windows will allow light into your basement and provide an emergency exit. On the other hand, ventilation will improve your basement’s air quality.

Add Living Space to Your Home with Basement Remodeling

These are just some procedures we follow when converting your basement into a functional living space. At Premier Remodeling, we have tons of experience in quality basement remodeling. If you would like to learn more about the various ways you can improve your home, talk to us today.