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Your unfinished basement may simply be an afterthought in the grand scheme of your home, used for storing holiday decorations and housing your furnace and water heater. But by taking on a basement remodeling project, you can maximize your home’s fullest potential and enjoy all the benefits that come with an entire new room — or several, depending on available space.

Four Perks of Basement Remodeling

Here are four perks that come with basement remodeling:

  1. More usable living space: By undergoing basement remodeling, you add an entirely new floor to your home. Take advantage of the square footage already available to you without building a home addition!
  2. Cost-efficiency and ease: Basement remodeling utilizes the pre-existing framework of your home’s lowest floor rather than constructing a new foundation, walls, and ceilings. Compared to other construction projects like a home addition, this can save you time and money. Moreover, by remodeling your basement, you can forgo the difficulty that often comes with meeting zoning requirements and adjusting your building setback line when constructing an addition.
  3. Increased home value: A well-thought-out and skillfully executed basement remodeling project will grow the resale value of your home as potential buyers often find a finished basement to be a valuable and attractive asset to a property.
  4. More functionality: Depending on your needs, you can customize the space to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’d prefer to enjoy your new basement for extra bedrooms, entertainment, work, exercise, or a combination of those uses, you’ll be sure to enjoy the added accommodations that come with accessing this new level of your home.