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Home additions are an excellent way to add value and space to your home. However, with so many unique options out there, choosing the perfect home addition for your property can be challenging. We thought we’d help you out, and our pick of the bunch is getting yourself a sunroom.

A Sunroom Addition Will Transform Your Outdoor Experience

A sunroom is a trendy and elegant home addition. It provides seamless access to your outdoor space from the comfort of your indoors. And even better, it bathes your living space in natural lighting (hence the name). This gives you the perfect recreational spot for you, your family, and your friends.

So, what makes a good sunroom? One defining factor of sunrooms is glass – lots of glass. As much as 80% of your sunroom’s walls are built with glass to ensure sunlight flows in freely. Depending on your preference, the roof may or may not be glass. A glass roof will give your sunroom maximum lighting, although it might expose you a bit on a hotter-than-usual summer afternoon.

A sunroom can be prefabricated or custom-built, although a custom-built one will offer you the best customization options. For instance, you may incorporate HVAC and electrical systems to make it as functional as possible. You could also add a fireplace to warm up your evenings while stargazing.

Overall, sunrooms are an excellent way to transform your living space. Another great thing about having them is their lower cost per square foot compared to other home additions. At Premier Remodeling, we have an experienced team of construction professionals that can help you design and build the perfect sunroom for your home. Give us a call today.