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Even if you are excited for the process and overjoyed with the final result, there’s no denying that a remodeling project can be very stressful! If you are working towards a remodeling project, whether it’s an entire update of your home from top to bottom or you just need a larger bathroom, use these 3 tips to help ensure that your remodeling project doesn’t have you stress-eating and crying by the end of the project (it’s okay, we’ve all been there!).

3 Tips to Make Your Remodeling Project Less Stressful

1.  Budget, budget, budget. One of the biggest stressors in any remodeling project is how much it’s going to cost. While stretching yourself to your financial max might seem like the best way to get what you want and have time to enjoy it, disasters arise all the time in remodeling due to poor budgeting. Make sure your budget is realistic, has a contingency for when inevitable issues pop up, and has room in it for things like dining out or hotel stays if needed.

2.  Make contingencies for everything. In addition to a financial contingency, picture every possible scenario of what could set your remodeling project back and create a contingency. Who will drive your kids to school if you need to oversee an issue? Where will pets go so they aren’t underfoot? Will there be problems if the remodeling needs to be extended by a week? Plan ahead in every way you can.

3.  Make scheduling a priority. Remodeling is stressful enough– don’t make it more so by scheduling a project during a busy time. Find the time of year when there are no major work functions or holidays, and try to avoid a time when you’re going to be slammed with kids’ sporting events and school projects.